I find it hard to believe that in just a few more hours, it is going to 2013. 2013, huh? 
God, it feels like it should be just October. Time passes by so quickly that it's difficult to keep track of anything.  


And here we are again.
Writing a blog.
A cliche blog, as matter of a fact. (For me, that is.)
About the Worst and Best Moments of  2012.

Yep, you heard me right.
So let's go on with it.

Btw, I'm feeling like I'm Anthony Bourdain right now so deal with my sarcasm.

The Bad. The Putrid. The Rotten. The Dejected. The Unpleasant. 

Sorry for the dictionary overload but really, but every time I recount these events, I feel annoyed. I don't want to remember them. I always push them aside. Hide them in a box. And forget about them forever. They are called WORSTS, for a good reason. 

This blog, however, really wants to get on my nerves.

10. I was at a highbrow event called Genetics Camp.
It was my second time to attend this camp, so naturally, I was expecting the SAME things happen. But the minute I entered the hall, it wasn't the GenCamp I knew. Fashionistas were on the rage. I was like, "Are they attending a photoshoot or what?" Really. We were there to learn about Genetics and the like (and compete in the contests). So why need to dress up like that. Srsly.

9. It was my Birthday and the day of the SLIDE UP thingy, and I was pissed off .
Don't get me started here. I was so, so, SO pissed off that day. And I don't want to remember why. 
I remember saying a lot of not so good things that could potentially hurt the one I was referring to.
The only moment where I remember being happy when I was in the van on the way home with the non-competitors and Manong, our driver. Manong said a lot of funny things (which I think could be useful someday.) Everyone made jokes that made me laugh so hard that I felt I was going to die. I thought this was going to be the best birthday ever however, it was even close.  

8. I was annoyed at the persons who could not understand why I wouldn't go to our JS Prom.
I didn't attend JS, okay? But I am fine with it. I was just irritated at the people who kept asking, and asking, and ASKING why I wasn't going. One explanation was enough and I don't want to repeat myself. People were so insensitive those days. But I'm over it. 
Just don't ask again, PLEASE? 

 7. I was accused of the P-word thingy.

I don't really want to discuss this. Let me just say this: It happened after our second blog was finished being checked. I cried really hard. I had trouble sleeping because it kept repeating and repeating inside my head. 
It wasn't true. 
But being accused of it, shattered me into bits. It destroyed my imagination. Maybe I'm just too sensitive. 
I should've just written another blog. 
Most of you won't relate to this item. It's okay. It's not intended for you anyway.

6. I thought I was going to Happy Tagatay not Dreadful Tagatay.
Tagatay City was the venue for the 2012 Regional Science Quest.  I was expecting that this would be the camp ever. How horribly wrong I was. It was the EXACT opposite. The event so disorganized. Misinformation became a trend that day.  I almost wanted to give up if Ma'am De Villa had not convinced me to compete. And worst of all, we didn't know who won the contests. Our purpose for the camp was void. Well, I don't care anymore. I believe that I didn't win anyway. I vote this as one of the worst events ever!

5. I so hated  that open forum thingy.
Well, I was one of the people who really didn't know what was going and didn't care because it was meaningless to argue. Everyone was just so narrow minded those days. I wish I could erase what happened but I think we learned a lot from what happened. 
One, do not say bad things about your kapwa ESEP student (eventually, they will know). Second, listen intently and keep those nasty side comments away. 

4. I regretted the things I said after the Science Fair.
We cannot deny that everyone was BITTER. The devil within us surfaced that day. But that's all in the past. It was just similar dance moves and not exactly copy paste. Nothing to over react on. I think the reason why everybody was so heated up is because of the enormous pile of pressure we had to endure. 
Everyone just cracked.
Let us just maintain the friendship we have built with our little brothers and sisters.

3. I lost a lot of my brethren because of Pablo.
My mom said that numerous kapilyas were destroyed and a lot kapatid passed away because of Typhoon Pablo. The news stung me. I felt I lost a part of me that I never knew was there until now. Even though I don't know anyone of there, I could feel their sadness. I really wanted to help. Good thing, the Pamamahala (or Church Administration) organized a fund raising event to help our brethren get back on their feet. Worldwide, brethren gave something to help the victims. 
I gave them prayers

2. I lost the Division School Press Conference.
Contrary to what Sir Elumbaring believes, I read a lot of news articles those days. I especially read a lot of stuff about the Cyber Crime Prevention Law because I had a feeling that this was the topic for the contest. But no matter how much news articles I kept reading,  my mind couldn't understanding a thing. I was so preoccupied with our family problem that I was not able to concentrate properly. Well, I lost. And I think it was a good thing. 
This was the only time that I believe that you really do learn more stuff when you lose.

1. I was confronted by my teachers.
It scared the wits out of me. And for the fist time,  I felt my knees shaking a little bit. We were in the faculty room. All most of our teachers were present.  I tried to look all of them in the eyes. But I couldn't.  I just felt paralyzed. They invited me here for a reason and I already knew what it was. I... I was not a participant in that contest 
(I cannot even remember the name and I'm too lazy to check out what it was).  

As a matter of a fact, I was really OKAY with not being a participant. I remember earlier that day , Father Ella gave me a meaningful look in the eye. That was it. I was not mad at all. I think it was my fault that it happened. However, I felt that I was ganged up on. Five teachers and one student. One teacher was enough. 

Well, this event was HORRIBLE.
The feeling that I had felt. The situation that I was in. I wish I could swallow some kind of amnesiac to forget what happened.
I hope nobody experiences what I did.

I really do not want to talk about anymore the things I've mentioned above. So let's get on with....

The good. The finest. The super. The magnimous. The matchless.

I <3 the best moments in 2012.  There are so many of them. Let start with...
10. I had so  much fun because of the (what I call)  "Nutrition Month Celebration After Party".
Well, my classmates lost the Nutri-Jingle. So to lighten up the atmosphere, my classmates did a lot of  very, very, very FUNNY thing.  I was laughing so hard that I almost had difficulty breathing. Even the people who just hanging around came to watch. I'm so glad that this kind of stuff repeats once in a while. It's our way of relaxing. Letting loose. These moments, I believe, are the ones that make all us closer with one another,

9. I experienced one of the most awesome karaoke  gigs with GRELLE.
Just like Anthony Bourdain, I ain't a fan of karaoke. To be  honest, I find karake a horrendous activity. I think it's very EMBARRASING to be caught singing off-tune. Well, GRELLE made karaoke OK for me that. It's too bad that we didn't take pictures (Wait, I think we have some. I know Deth has some...).
But still, I do not like karaoke. And I will never like it.

8. I watched possibly one of the best anime in the world, SKET Dance.
SKET Dance is not a story about how the main character gains power in other to defeat his enemies. It's about a group of three who helps people no matter how daunting the task may be. I can't explain it but I know that just fell in love the show. It has something that the other shows do not have. I'm really glad that I'm not the only one who likes this show. There's Alexis, Leoniedth and Joshua. I can't wait for Season 2 to be aired on Animax. For now, I'm reading the manga and it's awesome.

7. I was part of the 2012 Awards Day.
Well, I was not part of the Top 15 in our Second Year. I was very lazy those days. And I just couldn't concentrate on my studies and look at what happened. So, I changed all of that when Third Year started. I made sure that I understood all the lessons and studied for exams. Tada! I was back in the Top 15. Hooray for me landing in Top 7!~

6. I had my very first Varsity Jacket.
Owning a varsity jacket was awesome but, having the same jacket with everyone else was even more awesome. We were like an all-star team whenever we walked together. Malakas ang dating. Yup, that's the perfect description for it. 
I know that there are "others" who dislike us even more because of our jackets. The hell with them. We saved the money in order to afford these jackets. It's ours. And QNHS will remember us because of it.

5. I went on my very first field trip. 
You heard me right. This is actually my first field trip. I don't know why but days before the field trip, I always get sick.  To tell the truth, I only joined this field trip to be exempted in the project and midterm for both Physics and Values. I was just expecting that this field trip to be OKAY, not a lot of oohs and ahhs. Well, it turned out to be one of the BEST experiences ever. I went to places that I've never been before. I learned about new things. I experienced stuff that I wouldn't experience anywhere else.
I was inspired by all of what I saw.
I would really like to go the places we visited.
One more thing that I will never forget is...

4. I watched Rurouni Kenshin Live Action Movie in big screen.
I thought we were just going to celebrate my Mom and Dad's Wedding Anniversary with a feast in Buddy's Restaurant. Well, it turned out that we were going to watch a movie that day and that movie turned to be Rurouni Kenshin. I was so, so, SO happy when I knew. I  heard  good reviews about it so I expected a lot. Well, It EXCEEDED my EXPECTATIONS.
They we able to capture the bests about Kenshin. His speed, techniques, attitude and most of all, his looks.
Takeru Sato is HOT!
You just have to watch this movie. It was just beyond words.

Well, this review just catches everything I have to say so read it.

3. I made a lot  new friends.
I'm not really good at making friends and I used to have trouble with keeping conversation with people other than my classmates, but my Coco family changed all that. It was landmark moment for me. It feel so good to have a lot of friends. I love my Coco family

2. I won a lot of contests.
I'm not a contest freak but I do like joining contests. And this year, I won a lot (and lost a lot, too XD). One contest that I will never forget is the  DTI Poster Making Contest held in McDonalds. QNHS has never been declared the champion in the said contest so I'm really proud that I was able to bring home the bacon. I wouldn't forget this contest because I've never seen Sir Dichoso that happy before or any teacher for that matter. He was happy, very HAPPY. Like he was on cloud nine or something. And he was very proud of me. Something that I have never felt from a teacher before.
He boosted my confidence and made me believe in myself.

Sir Ayie told me that Sir Dichoso was so pissed off when he knew that I wasn't picked to be the  participant in UP Kalilayan. I don't know what should I feel about it but all I can say that it kind of made me happy. 

Well, contests do not measure the amount of talent a person possess.
So, yeah..

1. I was part of possibly one of the biggest achievements QNHS has garnered.
I will just quote what I wrote for the interview journal,
"The experience? I had no way of describing it. It was beyond words. "
This is all that I can say. And all that I can think of.
I'm still pinching myself because I still have a have hard time believing that we won. And that's me. A picture with a world-class journalist, 

Most FUN- Christmas Party
I don't know why I forgot to include this in the Top 10. My bad people. So I'll put it here. Most Fun Event of 2012. I'll never ever, ever, EVER forget the "flour" war. Plus, I received one of the best exchange gifts ever. 
A million thanks to my awesome, chubby partner, CARLO!
You're the man! 

MOST VICTORIOUS- Christmas Cantata
I'll admit that I'm one of those people who really, really, really, really, really,  really, really, really, really, REALLY wanted to win the Battle of the Champions for the third time in a row. I mean, who wanted to lose. If you  have a chance to win why would let someone steal it away. Just sayin'.

I'm a girl, okay. And I think it's normal to have this kind of moments, right? Let me just say that the song for that moment was Jeepney Love Story by Yeng Constatino. I knew who the guy was, btw.
Okay, nuff said.

I really feel like writing today. My hand seems to have a mind of its own. I'm very sorry that my list went overboard.
(I'm feeling very naughty at the moment.)
I just couldn't stop. 2012 holds a lot significant events. I just had to write them all.

Well, this is year filled with ups and downs, and that's why I love it. Because...
And lastly, 
And with that I end my blog. Yey!

Oh, wait!
Srsly. This blog is never gonna end.

I feel you sister. Some of your worsts and bests are included in my entry too. Some are, well, quite contrary. XDD

I sure hope 2013 has a lot of good things in store for us. :D

Godspeed this 2013! ^^


even if it is too long.. I've enjoyed reading it. I'm just intrigued who "the most kilig moment guy" is. can you tell me??:D


You know, I didn't feel that your blog was long. I just realized that after I read the while thing. XD
and no. I don't recall having pictures of our karaoke night. DX
When I read your blog, somehow I could feel you.. I mean even those things that I'm totally clueless of, I can feel how you feel, I don't know why. XD

And that jeepney ride.~ kyaa~~ I'm kinikilig for you! LOL
[you're talking about 'him', right? o.o"]


I think that GIFT is nice...


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