The title pretty much sums up my blog. 

Yes. I love pens! I am ADDICTED to them.
 Surprisingly,  it has somehow surpassed my addiction to anime,  I'm afraid. (You can claim the no.1 spot, Leoniedeth, for now but demon lord will return.) So where was I... Oh, yes! I love pens! Pens give color to my eyes, soul and life.

Why do I love pens? 

First, let  Wikipedia define it.

A pen (Latin penna, feather) is a device used to apply ink to a surface, usually paper, for writing or drawing. 

I can hear people saying:

 "Duh? Like we didn't know that." 

Of course you know. People who read my blogs are smart and intelligent. And I just wanted to add it in my blog. (To make a little longer longer. Haha.)

So what is there to love about pens? 

I guess you guys haven't seen the following 
to die for

You, guys and gals, are now probably wiping the drools off your faces.
I do so every time I see dozens, and dozens, and DOZENS of pens.
 Well, not really but you get the point.

 At bookstores, especially
National Bookstore
I would often waste most of my time just staring at the pens on display,
 (at a safe distance of course! I wouldn't like the sales lady to bother me) 
then I would feel an itch to buy something. 
That's were the trouble starts. 
If I brought a lot of extra money or my savings to the bookstore, I won't leave until I have satisfied my craving. I don't ask my mom to buy me the stuff I have today. Back in elementary, most of what I possess are just hand-me-down from sis.

At the end of the day, just like those bookworms who exhaust their money buying books, I go home with an empty wallet but with LOADS happiness.

What's up with names?

Remember our lesson on brand names?
 Well, a lot of companies have talent  when it comes to creating their names. Let's take these two brands for examples.

According to Wikipedia,
 In 1900, after the marriage of Lothar's granddaughter with a cadet of the Counts of Castell, the A.W. Castell enterprise took the name of Faber-Castell and a new logo, combining the Faber motto, Since 1761, with the "jousting knights" of the Castells' coat-of-arms.
Back in the days,  people who have double or combined surnames belong to the rich and elite.


According to Wikipedia,
The name Staedtler is closely linked with Nurembergs pencil history. Long before, the Staedtler family had been hand-making this well-loved writing instrument for generations already.

The roots of the name Staedtler can be traced back to 1662, the year in which first references to Friedrich Staedtler as a pencil-making craftsman were made in the city annals.

Staedler, just like Faber-Castell, was established in Nuremberg, Germany. However, Faber-Castell was first founded in 1761 by Kasper Faber.  On the other, Staedler  was founded by  J.S. Staedler in 1835. They celebrated their 175th anniversary last 2010.

By the way guys, you shouldn't compare the products of these two companies because they target two different masses. Faber-Castell provides artists' instruments while Staedler manufactures engineering instruments. Though, it may seem to have no difference for ordinary people, artists and draftsmen  can tell you the diffence.

Best among the Best

 There are companies that produce fine writing instruments aside from Faber-Castell and Staedler. ( I thought so too before.)  
Different companies have different expertise. 
And I'm here to bring you the best among the best, to help you buy your next pen.

  1. Ballpoint Pen
The best ballpoint pen for me would belong to the PILOT Company. It writes smoothly. The ink dries fast and last longer than ordinary . It has two disadvantages, the ink becomes light after a while and when you drop the pen, expect that you need to buy one. Yes, it is expensive but it is worth it. Just be extra careful when you use it.

The second one would be
Panda's ballpoint pen. It is the the exact opposite of the PILOT's ballpoint. Perfect for people who are not brand conscious.

 Fountain Pen
Fountain pens use water-based liquid ink that flows through a nib. I haven't use one of these yet but sister said the best one would be, the one and only, PARKER. Ask her why. She's a graduate of Fine Arts in UP Diliman.

 Marker or Felt-tip-pen
Well, you haven't heard of this product but it is by far, HANDS DOWN, the best marker in the world. 
COPIC Markers
It is made in Japan and distributed in the US and Canada. There are five different types of Copic makers, though of them use the same ink. I'm just going to elaborate the two most popular types.

ORIGINAL- It is available in 214 different colors. It has two different tips. One brush side and the other  broad tip side.

SKETCH- Think the Original is already too many. Wrong. The Sketch is available in 358 different colors. 

A lot of deviants use Copic. I have a friend there. She's a Filipina who lives in the US. Check out her works. Her drawing skills need some refining but the way she colors is superb!

Oh, yeah! My longest blog. So proud of myself. I deserve this stuff as compensation for my effort. Just kidding! :)
12/8/2012 20:08:45

If only I could draw like you.
Hahaha. I do't pay much attention to my pens unless its G-tek. Hahaha:)

12/11/2012 16:18:05

NO wonder you write very legibly. :)

12/11/2012 16:19:06

No wonder you have many pens. XD

As much as I like writing, I'm not a pen enthusiast. Nice blog BTW! :D


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