is not my thing.

 Here we go again. 

Sir Elumbaring ,
you (Yes, I'm particularly talking to you in this blog), asked us to make another "blog" because well... you want us to and it's a requirement for our class. But the thing is, I hate blogs. I hate it. I don't know why but I really do. First, the idea of blogging sounded really cool but now I find it utterly a waste of time. 

I am really going to get a low grade for this, ain't I, sir?

Before you can continue, promise that you'll finish reading it.:))

Well, let's START!

 I have a lot of things to rant about this blog thing. Let me enumerate them:

1. It gets BORING.
 Not exactly boring. 

I can't seem to find a right word for now. Repetitive, perhaps? I don't know. But the idea of going to our weebly site, type and then post, it's boring. There's nothing new. 
Update. Update. Update. 
That's what we all ever do. I wish it could be something like facebook. Whenever you open it there's something au courant. We are doing something like that, I know. But it's not the same

2. You can write about ANYTHING.

If I want to write anything, what if anything is nothing?
What would I write about then?

How can you write about anything?

That's impossible

It's very hard for me to write something without a topic or should I say, I cannot write something without a topic. Of course, I know that I can pick from the 800+ blog topics but there's something missing.  Most of the time, I can't choose from any of them because I want to write  about all of them but I can't because I need choose one topic. Sure, I can write about it in the next blog but the feeling is lost.  
When I make blogs, 

I write about what I feel or think at that moment. 

3. No FANCY/ FORMAL writing style.
There isn't exactly a rule that prohibits me or anyone from writing blogs in a fancy/formal way but I think the reason why people do not comment on some blogs because of the writing style. Take my blog for example. NOBODY has made a comment or anything. Not sharing my blog is another factor or maybe my blogs are just so uninteresting (Yeah, I believe that it is 90%  the reason why) but still... 

I am aware that the way I'm writing now is conversational and it's because I'm ranting. Forgive me because I do not care anymore. Just so you know, I really feel annoyed when I use the word "I"  in writing because I like prefer writing in third person. Though my essays  and blogs mostly use  I, I hate it. I hate the I that I am using now. I also hate using you but it is inevitable.

4. Writing about MYSELF.
I do not like talking/writing about myself. I don't have any communication problems but I'm not used to the idea. 

Can't I just dedicate my blog for one certain thing that I really like? 

Does it have to be some sort of thing based from my experience that would make you say something, "I am speechless. I didn't know that you were experiencing that sort of thing." or something similar to that?

When I have problems, I keep it to myself

I don't like people knowing my problems because sometimes it involves people close to me. And I feel that I may endanger the person's reputation if I talk further.
 Maybe I can express it in coded language but then,

who would understand and will you believe me

You're probably going to think it's just some of flowery story that made up. When I tell or write stories, the characters are usually me and everyone around me. They are real. I just have my way expressing it
(Yeah, know my abstract thingy?
It's my problem not yours, I don't have to write it in my blog where thousands or millions people can see it.
I admit that I am a coward because of this but I am not a afraid. 
And I am really not fond of talking and writing but I like listening. Plus, if you really want me talk about my problems, then ask me. Bring some tissue paper, if you  can and promise that you can keep your mouth shut about it.

Well, I know the reasons why most prefer the "experience" thing because of the "p-word"  (Know what I'm referring to?),  but it will never work for me except in deviantart. Well, I don't know the people in deviantart personally so I think its the reason why revealing  problems is easier for me. 

You know what they say, 

"Sometimes it's easier to tell complete strangers about your problems rather than someone you know personally."

5. I just can't write blogs.
I think I'm writing a blog but I think that you think that none of them really are. 

They probably feel so wrong in so many ways that I don't know were to start. Maybe because there's certain date of submission for each blog. 
Are blogs supposed to be written freely as in no time limit? 
I know it's going to be hard to check our blogs without a deadline. You know, when it was said we were going to write blogs, I totally imagined something like this:

For example,

 I really like figure skating so I will dedicate my blog to figure skating , and I will put the non-figure skating stuff in another page.  

I really believe if blogs are made according to that way, people will become more interested in blogs. 

Plus, they will update more frequently if you're going to let us students talk about our favorites in more than one blog. I may sound as if I know better than the teacher but I'm just saying my opinion that's all. Writing blog are no different from making Writing Activities except for longer deadline, written in weebly and you can freely choose a topic. Somehow, I find Writing Activities better  that blogs ( I can hear people booing me for this).

I really wish this blog thing would end soon, but I know it wont. I doesn't matter. I'll just have to endure it and take it maturely. I don't have anything to add anyway so I can say goodbye for now. 

PS. Writing blogs, for me, is like the Harry Potter series. Sir Elumbaring is Voldermort (no offense meant!); the blog topics are the death eaters and my classmates are the members of Dumbledore's Army or DA. We battle each blog topic and hit each with a spell, and then move on to another. In the end, we'll fight or Voldemort. A battle for our grades because that wand a.k.a. pen determines our fate in English class.

PPS. I know some of you will find every way to rebut what I've said. Go on then! I'm ready to accept them all! That just proves that my blog caught your attention. BWAHAHAHA!
11/15/2012 03:36:33

This is just enormous!:D

Your writing redefines the freedom of writing. The freedom of your thoughts. It's like "who cares?! This is my views. This is what I want to say. I don't care about who will be in pain or in anger. I don't even care what will happen next. What I want is just to free this damn words and phrases. I just want all of them to hear my voice through this."

Good job PARTNER:))))))

11/16/2012 03:04:46

So true.! I love it! Freedom of expression indeed~
And yes, you have to endure it until the school year ends. LOL
I know you could do it!
Nice job, Heilley~!!

11/16/2012 04:20:19

hahaha, I really like your blog, especially category 3, because I really can relate myself with you, I like to write in third person.

11/16/2012 05:04:57

Hahaha. Sir ROE as Voldemort? Pwede... Haha. Just joking. Your blog about hating blogs is just something I can relate to. But it's not really hate, just dislike. I also don't like sharing things in public. But I just realized that having people share comments about your thoughts in your blog is something fun. Blogging is something you can do to improve your "connections" with other people.

Blog-o-blogs. Let's just keep up with it till grad. Hahaha. =J

11/16/2012 05:41:38

I am not really into blogging. Especially when it comes to the topic about my family, but since it is a task to do.. I suddenly enjoy writing things about myself and about my opinions toward other topics. I really like how you come up with your ideas and the title of your blog makes me want to read every word in this blog :)

11/16/2012 06:05:54

HAHAHAHA. Laugh out loud Lea xD Sometimes, I just don't know what to write. I can relate.

11/16/2012 21:04:09

i hate blogging too sometimes when I'm not on mood

11/16/2012 23:46:29

haha XD your right we need to endure blogging until grad.

11/17/2012 00:51:26

You sure you can't write blogs? Then what would you call this? hahahaha. Nice one. Relate much! lol :D

11/17/2012 00:54:46

You are indeed my friend, and this blog proves it. GRELLE really is a weird bunch. XDD
As a debater, I need to rebut some of the things that you've said. As a writer, I need to express my opinions about your statements. As the middle letter E in GRELLE, I understand how and what you feel.
I like your blog because 1. It reflects your personality, 2. Blogging can be tiring sometimes, and 3. I like to be part of Dumbledore's Army. :DD
In short, nice blog! :))

11/17/2012 05:05:39

I can relate with number 4! ;) Hhaha. Your PS is so funny! But this blog is kinda true! Thumbs up! :)

11/17/2012 05:34:12

The thing is.. the hardest thing when you have a blog is that, YOU HAVE TO THINK OF A TOPIC. It's sometimes boring but you get used to it.. other than that, it is kinda wasting time at times.. if you know what i mean.. I look at it more of as a hobby..

11/17/2012 05:37:19

woooah.. >:O I can't relate with no. 5
And also 4-1
I dont understand anything at all.
haha. just kidding. nice blog even though you can't write blog.LOL


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