Let's cut to the chase.

I originally intended to make my blog very comical and entitle it with something like, My CONFESSIONS: Stupid Childhood Chronicles. But, because of this week's recent developments and the fact that I'm too lazy to reminisce about what happened years ago, I changed my plan. Nobody wants to read that kind of stuff, anyway.  I know that you want my precious juicy details. :)

Noisy girl

Back when I was like five or something, I used to be a chatterbox. (I have records to prove that claim! *searches for pre-school report card*). I just used to go "blah-blah-blah" here,  "blah-blah-blah" there, and "blah-blah-blah" everywhere. And because of that, I got myself in a lot of trouble in school. Teachers would often scold me and say, " You'll never finish anything if you keep making noise. "

But this all changed when our family had serious financial problems.

                            My dearest sister started college in  UP Diliman.

 We had to cut-off a lot from our budget. We needed to save anything that we could. I remember using my savings for my daily allowance and lending it to my mom fro things we desperately needed. Life was so unfair. 

Ever since that day, I became that serious and quiet girl.


I'm a pathological liar. This has been one of my problems for very, very long time. I don't know how and why in the world I develop this thing. 

I wish I could flush this thing out of my system. I don't want to lie anymore. I hate myself because of this. 

I hate liars just like how I hate myself. 


I am aware that a lot people compare me to John and I totally get the reasons why. But try filing in my shoes and try to imagine how you'll feel. You wouldn't like it. Some of the comments  these people sting. What did I ever do to you?

I'll admit that I feel sad whenever I lose contests and this is NOT because he won. No. It's because I lost. Who doesn't feel the a little blue when one loses something?

But even if people continue to compare me to John, I don't see him as a rival. His is more like a partner or something like that. But never a rival. 

Note: If you can't restrain yourself, please talk softly. WHISPER, please. Specially when you intend it that I do not hear it. I can pick up what you the words you say from a far. 


First of all, I would like to apologize to what I'm about to say. I didn't want to put this here because it might build awkwardness. I don't like being awkward with another classmate, especially if he is your Research partner.

So partner, this one's for you.

I don't have issues with as you as a partner. Trust me. I'm not lying. But the topic that we have, well... It makes me uneasy. It's just what if my mom discovers our topic? I'm DEAD!  I have no idea how she will take this news. You know my thing so I think you get my point. 

But if asked me, the topic is fine. Just...

But no worries! I can handle this. You know I can. :))



Most of you guys know the flow of this story. But I'm going to retell what happened (in my perspective), for the readers sake.

It was my birthday and there was this box and letter on my table. At first, I really didn't want to touch them because the things looked suspicious. This must be a birthday prank, I thought. I better not touch it. So, I just talked to my classmates about the UPCAT Results. (I'm so happy that I passed. Saved from total humiliation from my sisters.)

Minutes had already passed, but the things were still there. I asked my classmates about that the "suspicious" things." All of them, to my surprise, shrugged. Now that's weird, I said to myself. So, I read the letter because it 's presence started to both me. 

WTH. This was from an "anynomous" person.

                                         Who the hell was behind this?
You guys have more or less, a hunch who this mystery guy is. 

                                                            I KNOW
I'll admit that I knew who gave the gift from the very start. I'm so sorry but it was sort of, kind of, pretty obvious to me. Even so, I acted that I haven't realized who it was. It was easier that way. Why? OBVIOUSLY he didn't want me to be aware of. 

Well, I'm going to save this person the trouble of admitting it (but I'm pretty sure you have told this to someone).  I know who you are but this doesn't change the fact that I have  a million questions I've been dying to ask . Is it my fault for being damn so curious? I wish you elaborated the letter. But then again, you would still have plenty of things to answer and explain.

I'm not obligating you to tell me anything if that's what you thinking. If you do not feel like it then meh... I can live without understanding. 

This feels weird. But here we go...

What's wrong with you? You write a letter that I think should suppose to hide your identity, but instead, it gave you away. "Hindi ako nag-e-english.." I must have criticized your grammar before. Sorry. But hey, the gift made me happy. If not, then confused. I can't wear what you gave 'cuz... everyone would STARE. You know what I mean. But if it helps, it'a always in bag. I don't have anywhere else to put it. If my mom sees it she might get suspicious. I do not give her any reason to keep me from studying out of town. This might not be a direct cause but I'm not so sure this days.

PS. Don't feel awkward with me if you happen to be included in one of the entries. AWKWARDNESS could kill.
2/9/2013 01:37:05

Hey Partner.:D I really like your site.XD feels like I'm star gazing when Im in it.XD HAHA


So sorry I recommend the topic. I was really curious about that and I didn't even knew (in the first place) that Sir Mon would accpet it. :/

So sorry partner but I know we can do this! I'll help you.^^ We have a good team.:) Let's prove it till the end.^^ To infinity and beyond! ^_____________________^

2/11/2013 03:31:20

I cannot read ChubbyPartner's comment and I believe I wouldn't be able to read mine after posting so please change the font color.

I get it. Your'e dead when your mom finds out. It must be hard keeping it from her. HAHA. And the Gift, figured that out already. *evil laugh

Mr. Me
2/16/2013 03:28:06

Sorry if I leave the letter as an anonymous one :(. I know I'm not a good liar. You know why? Because you're a good inspector. That's the reason why you caught my attention.

And again sorry that I lied to you. Many other things to be explained and I want to talk about it in person. :)


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