Time Manipulation

             It is my eternal wish to stop time. 
Just once. Breathe the still particles of air. Observe men and women like statues. Watch the falling trees fixed in space. The undisturbed surrounding is alive from what my eyes see.
If I have the power to stop time, I would take a 

Photography is something that fascinates me. 

A photograph is usually looked at- seldom looked into.
When I look at a photograph, I can sense the mystery leaking from the frames. It seems to whisper to me. The moment I open my mouth, however, no words come. Speechless, right? It is magic I believe. 

 Photographs are worth believing unlike paintings
    Paintings can have so many different interpretations. On the other hand, photographs get straight to point. Nobody has to get lost in the realms of overlapping brushstrokes. We only have one realm. And that’s the world that I want to stop.

 At some point in our lives, I know that we all have that irresistible feeling of taking a photograph that will define ourselves. 

I have in my hand a vintage camera. It is heavy like some sort of big responsibility. Maybe it’s because this going to be a defining moment. They say that taking a photograph is one great decision that needs to be captured in just a second. A tough choice. I can only stop time once.


Why would I need to stop time just for one photograph?

Searching for that one moment, one instance takes forever. Taking the photograph is a blink of an eye, so is the time for that chance to disappear.
I don’t want to live with regrets and neither should you. 
When there’s a opportunity, we must grab it. Fulfill its purpose so nothing goes to waste.

How will I stop time?

 I can wish for the power, can’t I?

Now that I have the power, what kind of photograph will I capture?
 Joys of life.
 Triumph, accomplishment, love, freedom and everything that makes our heart burst with happiness. Moments like those are the best. Because of so much happiness, tears roll down my cheeks. Laughter becomes music to my ears. No more sadness. 


After that photograph is taken, what would you do?

Stop time?
 Can I try it once more? 
Yes! It would take me another lifetime just to absorb the emotions from the photograph. I would float on cloud nine. Life would be bliss. If only... 


What would be the significance of that photograph for me?

 Everything. That would be my TRUE life defining moment. 

 According to William Penn,
 “Time is what we want most, but what we use worst.” 
Most of my plans, my dreams, do not ever come true.
 However, there is still luck. 

 Let’s just hope I use my luck accordingly.

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