"A new star is born whenever someone passes away."
A girl found herself alone in a strange yet very familiar place. 
There were millions of stars which gave the place a magical ambiance. She looked around and believed there was no one else but her. It made her feel empty. She was taking in the sight when suddenly, a voice was heard.

"Welcome little one!", greeted someone. 

"We're so happy for you!" said another. 

"You're finally here! We've been waiting for a long time!"exclaimed somebody. 

"Who's there? Show yourself!" the girl said.

"Look up here, " they replied.

When the girl lifted her head, she saw the most spectacular sight. It made her gasp. The stars were twinkling like she has never seen before. It was magnificent.

 "Were you talking me?" she asked with her shaking voice.

 "Yes," the stars answered.

She was shocked.
 Everything did not make sense. Maybe, I'm just dreaming or something. Yeah, that made sense. " 
 Even though she starting to feel afraid, she told herself that she must continue to ask this star or whatever what was happening. She took a  deep breath and asked, " Can you tell me what's going on?"

 "We apologize, little one. We are forbidden to tell. It is something that you have to discover on your own."

 "Then, thank you to all of you," she said. "I'll be on my way."

The girl left. She was still a little bit uncontented with the answer she received. She was walking for a long time when she finally noticed that she didn't seem to moving at all. Fear spread throughout her entire body. "Please tell me, what's going on" the girl demanded.  "I want to know where I and why am I here.
She was at loss. Tears started to fall from her eyes. 

In the midst of confusion, epiphany hit her.

 "When I dieI want to become a star. A star that would shine the brightest in the night sky.  This way, I can be remembered by the ones I love
In return, I will  watch over them from above and pray for their well-being."
The realization made her cry even more. 
The realization that she was dead.

"Don't cry, little Heilley. Aren't you happy that you have fulfilled your dream? You are very lucky, haven't you noticed? You are the brightest one among us" said the stars.

Until now, I haven't got used to where I am. I still can't believe that  I am living my dream. I'm still the brightest star here which makes me feel very happy. I think no one has forgotten me at all. Thank you. Those who have passed away truly die when the have been forgotten. Memories are our soul and power. They are my fuel to shine the brightest.

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